World’s coolest pocket knife

When you’re camping a pocketknife is just a useful tool to keep in your pocket.

I make sure I have one in my pocket anytime I’ll be spending extended time in the great outdoors. My other must have item in my pocket is a flashlight.

The biggest problem is deciding which knife to carry. Do you go with a classic single blade pocketknife or do you go with the multi-tool?

The multi-tool certainly has it’s share of advantages and Wenger has taken it upon themselves to finally make a knife that includes everything but the kitchen sink (if it wouldn’t have added so much size to the knife, they probably would have added a kitchen sink for good measure.)

Aptly named the “Giant Knife” this knife has an astounding 87 tools!

It’s like carrying a toolbox around in your pocket.

Seriously, if you can’t find the tool you need on this knife, you don’t need it.

Some highlights (I checked and yes there is still a knife on this thing):

• Corkscrew (quite possibly the second most useful tool on any knife) • Fish scaler • Bottle opener (I do heart this feature since I like microbrews that don’t have twist off tops) • Magnifying glass • Chain rivet setter • Club face cleaner • Green repairer • Laser pointer • Shackle opener • Ruler • Shoe spike wrench • Spot light • Toothpick • Wood saw

The full list of features is available here:

Did you know there’s a Swiss Army Knife song?

There is – check it out: