Why You Should Camp At A State Park

There are a lot of places we can choose to camp when planning out that next camping trip. There are private camp sites, county parks, state parks, and even Federal land we can camp on. With all these choices how should we know which one to choose when making that next reservation?

While each choice has it's pro's and con's, I would recommend you try out your local State Park next time you are trying to decide on that camping destination. So, why should you choose a state park for that next trip?

1. Abundance of Supply

State park camp grounds are probably one of the most abundant sources of campsites in the country. There are usually 4 or 5, if not more, state parks within easy driving distance of your home if you took the time to do a Google search.

Choosing a State Park for your next camping trip is a easy choice because they are well marked, easy to find, located everywhere, and probably close to you!

2. Experience

The second reason state parks are a great choice for a camping destination is their experience. Knowing that these state park conservation officers and volunteers have been running these sites for years gives us all peace of mind.

Staff is usually helpful, equipped, and ready to respond to anything just because they have been around the block before and have probably dealt and helped with about every situation imaginable. Knowing you have someone to count on helps a lot when you are far away from home.

3. Facilities

One of the best parts about camping at a state park is the facilities that are normally available to most campers. Great shelters, bathrooms, trash disposal, and access to clean water are usually no problem at most state parks.

You can usually count on great facilities that are maintained and in working order for your next trip, saving you the hassle of traveling far away from your campsite to do what you need to do.

4. Commerce

Most state parks and their camping facilities have been around for many years. These means there usually is a nice base of business and commerce that has developed around the area.

This makes for easy trips to town to get supplies or help with whatever you need. It could be firewood to camping supplies, if you are near a state park that has been a camping destination for years, you can usually find what you need.

5. Activities

A great reason to find a state park near you for a camping trip is that amount of outdoor activities that can be found in the near vicinity. For the same reason that commerce and business has built up around the area, so to has outdoor activities.

From boat rentals to hiking trails and everything in between, if you can find a state park you can normally find fun activities to keep you entertained throughout your whole trip. Finding things to do can be tricky when you’re trying to fill a whole weekend of time, a state park normally can offer hiking, rentals, beach's, and much more.

Next time you are thinking about planning a camping trip you should consider a state park near your destination. They are easy to find, have experienced staff with great facilities, and offer plenty of business and activities to fill all your camping needs!