Why You Should Attend an RV/Camping Show

As I am sitting at my computer to write this article, it is the middle of January and I can see the five inches of snow we received here yesterday in the upper Midwest. It seems like a great time to think about camping and campers.

A few days ago, the day before the latest snowstorm hit, I attended a large camping and RV show.

rvs on display at camper show

RV Shows Typically Have Hundreds of Campers Of All Types On Display

While I was at the show, all thoughts of winter and cold fled from my mind. Instead I thought of warm weather, taking walks in the woods, cooking and eating campfire meals, the yummy smells of that food cooking, the smell of grass and leaves and fresh air, the sounds of birds, the chirp of crickets, and most importantly, the taste of gooey marshmallows that have been roasted over an open campfire. I got all that for the low price of $8 (the cost of my admission to the show).

As a bonus, I got to look at lots of great RV's and campers; see and hear about great camping options in my state from the owners and representatives of campgrounds that were at the show; learn more about sites like https://www.crowsurvival.com/rv-accessories/ and how they help new campers by showcasing all the essentials they must carry; enjoy great conversations with fellow camping enthusiasts; and most importantly, walk through and tour the biggest and best of the Class A motor homes, dreaming of the day I'll be the owner of one of those beautiful machines and cruising down the road to my destination of choice.

If you love to camp or go RV'ing, are thinking of becoming a camper, or want to see just what makes camping enthusiasts so passionate about camping, you should attend a camping show.

For people who love to camp or RV, you get to see the latest in greatest in campers, RV's, campgrounds, and all the equipment and supplies that are essential while enjoying the camping experience.

For people who are thinking of camping, it's one-stop shopping that allows you to look at numerous, styles, brands, models, and price ranges of campers and RV's. You might be thinking you want to start with a tent camper but get to the show and decide you really want a 5th wheel. But after talking to a few dealers and realizing you need a fairly hefty towing vehicle that you don't have for a 5th wheel, you decide your current budget may not allow for the purchase of both a 5th wheel and a towing vehicle, so having services from sites like https://ottawatintingzone.ca/ is really useful to fulfill all your towing needs. So you look at your other options. It may include a quick trip to your vehicle to pull out the owner's manual to find out the towing capacity of your current vehicle or you may be lucky enough for some of the dealers at the show to have a towing capacity guide that includes your vehicle.

In the end you may decide that your budget can afford one of the smaller ultralight travel trailers and that your vehicle will be able to tow it. Or you might decide a small Class C camper is the answer since it's motorized and doesn’t need a towing vehicle.


winnebago class c motorhome kitchen area of rockwood ultralight
The Winnebago V Class C Motorhome (left) and the interior of the kitchen area of a Rockwood Ultralight.

Then instead of only being able to look at one manufacturer's or dealers offerings, you can shop around at the show and look at several. And, because it's a camping show and early in the year, almost every dealer is offering special show prices and/or gas cards, free camping, free groceries, just for doing business with them during the show. 

Even if you are not a camper, it's worth the price of admission to be able to tour the large Class A motor homes. The ones on display at the show I was at this weekend (with special show prices that were nearly $100,000 off the list price but would still require me to sell my home to be able to purchase) featured leather interiors, granite countertops, kitchens that rival the ones in some very nice homes, LCD TV/DVD combos with satellite and Internet hookup, secure keypad entry, washer/dryer combos, roomy bathrooms with a separate shower area, hardwood cabinetry, and sleek exteriors.

The next time a camping and RV show is in your area, take your family and go. Although it's not the same as actually camping, it's a lot of fun.



Wash your clothes with this Washer/Dryer Combo found in a class A motorhome.

The interior of class A motorhomes is usually quite plush and almost always include leather chairs like the one above.

A hardwood dresser from a Fleetwood Providence Class A Motorhome