Why An iPod Should Be On Your Camping Checklist

Why your iPod should be on your Camping Checklist

I think it’s nice to have a little background music playing when you’re sitting around the campfire with friends. It doesn’t have to be loud or anything, just there. The problem is that many of the coolest places to camp are a bit on the remote side and the only radio stations you’re going to be able to listen to are polka and bluegrass… and that’s cool if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s just that most people aren’t.

If you bring your iPod you’ll get to listen to music you like (well, I hope that your iPod has music you like on it).

Why an iPod and not a different MP3 player? The biggest thing is that there are a lot of accessories available for the iPod that you just aren’t going to find for other MP3 players.

For example, Kensington makes weatherproof speakers for your iPod so that you can safely stick your iPod outside.

Also, the battery life of an iPod tends to be pretty long. I know mine gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 hours before needing to be recharged.

There are also some nifty little gadgets available like a portable charger that will allow you to recharge your iPod from a couple AA batteries so you don’t need to have access to electricity.

And here’s one use that I just found for an IPOD (I did a video about it recently and I’ll post that for you soon). You can use the light on the iPod to read trail maps when you’ve managed to get yourself lost without any other gear and with it quickly becoming too dark to see, much less read a map. Yes, it’s true – I have no sense of direction.

And while this video really has nothing to do with this entire post, it’s damn freakin’ cool so here is the “Will it Blend” iPod episode: