What Kind of Camping is Right for You?

Do you think camping is fun or a stupid activity? Do you see people camping and want to join them or do you laugh at them and think they are crazy? Do you want to give camping a try but aren’t sure if you’re going to like it? Here’s a few lighthearted questions to help you know whether or not camping is for you.

1) When you think of sleeping in a tent do you think: A. It would be fun to sleep in the fresh air under the stars B. What was that noise, what was that noise, what was that noise? C. No tents, Class A Motorhomes are the only way to camp D. Who is going to sleep? I’m going to hang out by the campfire and drink beer

2) How long do you think it’s going to take to set up your tent? A. About a half hour including the time to put an extra rain tarp over the top just in case it rains. B. We’ve been trying to get this tent up for over two hours and the two guys across from us having been drinking beer and laughing at us for the past hour and a half. They’re finally coming over to help us because all we have are a bunch of poles and tarp on the ground. C. I’m not taking a tent. I’m going to take a Class A Motorhome or a 5th Wheel and all I’ll need to do is put down my stabilizers, hook up the hoses, and plug into the electrical supply at my site D. We’re not setting up a tent. We’re going to sleep in the back of our van. We have a bunch of pillows and blankets back there.  


3) How do you build a campfire? A. You lightly crush some newspaper in the fire pit; add a small loose pile of kindling; build a small tepee with some of your wood supply and light it. B. You throw the bundle of wood you bought into the campfire ring and use up a whole box of matches trying to light it. C. If I want a campfire tonight, refer to answer A because I know how to build one. But since I have a really nice 5th wheel or Class A Motorhome I may stay inside tonight and read a book. D. Refer to answer A. I know how to build a campfire but we’re going to lay in a big supply of wood. Our campfire is going to be going strong all night long!

4) When you checked in at the campground the park ranger gave you a map of the campground hiking trails and suggested a few of the best to check out. You decide to: A. Plan a daily itinerary that includes at least 5 miles of trails daily. You make sure your hiking backpack is fully stocked with water, energy bars, and insect repellent. B. You decide to try one of the trails closest to your campsite but you never notice the scenery around you because you’re always looking down at the trail watching for snakes and any other creepy crawly things of nature that might cross your path and make you scream. C. I like to hike but I may also decide to go biking or fishing or take a trip into town to go antiquing. D. I partied all night last night so I’m sleeping in until noon. Then I’m going to hang around the campsite with my friends until evening rolls around and it’s time to build another campfire.

5) What food should we have while we’re camping? A. We’ll have campfire coffee in the morning along with eggs and bacon over the fire; we’ll have energy bars, fruit and sandwiches for lunch while we’re out hiking or biking; and for supper we’ll having pudgie pies or foil packet meals made over the campfire B. We’ll go into town and have pizza C. My Class A Motorhome has a nice kitchen, thank you. I’ll be cooking something nice in it. D. We’ll be roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.

Answer key:

If you answered:

Mostly A’s – you are definitely ready to camp with little more than tent, sleeping bag, and some basic provisions

Mostly B’s – that 5 star hotel down the road from the campground is looking pretty good to you right now. You might want to keep your visits to the campground short – maybe in 1 hour increments.

Mostly C’s – you would like to camp but you want to camp in luxury and style. Why not? There’s camping gear and equipment for every person and every budget. Who says camping has to be about roughing it.

Mostly D’s – don’t book your camping trip at a family campground. You don’t want to camp. You want to party, party, party!