Video Series on How To Buy RVs and Popup Campers

Gary Godwin of Hawley's Camping Center in Wilmington, North Carolina has put together a series of short videos (15 of them) on tips for buying an RV or a popup camper.

He gives some great information and I think they are all worth watching. Even though the spokesperson in the videos refers to his specific dealership, he gives good tips to keep in mind no matter where you go to buy an RV or camper.

What I like most about the videos is that they are short and concise - 3 of the 4 listed below are less than 2 minutes long and the 4th one is less than 2 1/2 minutes long.

The first four videos in the series are below and cover things a person should think about before they start looking at RV's or campers themselves.

Choosing Your RV or Camper Salesman [or Saleslady] (2 minutes 24 seconds long)

How Much Can Your Vehicle Tow (1 minute 54 seconds long)

How Do You Want to Use an RV or Camper (1 minute 41 seconds long)

New Versus Used RVs and Campers (1 minute 51 seconds long)