Try Sleeping In A Hammock When Camping

Hammock Camping is not something I have personally tried, but a guy I know, who makes and sells great high quality hammocks, has done it. He says it's a really easy way to go camping because there's very little equipment needed, and setup and takedown is fast.

Personally I enjoy having a hammock on my campsite and I do truly love the ones made by Tree Ghost Hammocks. They are sturdy and made from solid material instead of rope so they don't dig into your skin like the one shown in the YouTube video below. Sleeping in the hammocks made by Tree Ghost Hammocks is probably very easy. I know taking a nap in them is great!

Probably the best thing about them is that Tree Ghost Hammocks custom makes each hammock so buyers can purchase a hammock made with a print of their choice. My sister-in-law is a huge fan of anything related to cows so hers is made with a cow print material.

They are also made in kids sizes, which my nieces and nephews love. The Tree Ghost Hammocks are always the first thing they want to set up when they go camping. They don't sleep in them, or even nap in them; but they spend a lot of time reading in them and spinning themselves around in them because they have a "cocoon" feature where they wrap around a person. The kids favorite position? It's upside down! To see pictures of the hammocks in use, check out Tree Hammock's photo gallery.

Even rain isn't a problem when using a Tree Ghost Hammock because they also sell canopies for over the top of the hammocks so you won't need to wear your raincoat to bed if rain is predicted!

To find out more about Tree Ghost Hammocks, check out their website: