Three Camping Games that even Adults will Like

Camping is one of my favorite activities to do but this is not the case with everyone.  Believe it or not, some people need a break from the beautiful outdoors and this is where games come into play.  It is also a great back up plan for rainy days but………kid games are not everyone’s cup of hot chocolate when it comes to a camping group of all adults. 

The three games described below are suitable for all age groups.  Having said that though you can tweak these games a bit to turn them into “Adult Only” entertainment.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a great game to play to really learn about someone.  The rules of the game state that you tell two truths and one lie but to really make the game fun tell something that is different about you.  Sharing common knowledge about yourself will make the game boring and frankly no one will really care.  As an example, something that a lot of friends do not know is the fact that I used to play bagpipes.  While this may not produce that wow response, it is something unique about me.

The person that guesses the lie is the next player to tell two truths and a lie. 

Jelly Bean Russian Roulette

Yes, this is another game that can be played by kids but it depends on the flavor of jelly beans.  If you use ordinary flavors, this game is great for kids but if you want to turn it into an adult game, consider the alcohol flavored types.

How do you play this game?  Well, take a box and dump out an assortment of jelly beans.  Make sure to keep the box with the flavors on them so that you can identify them.  Once the jelly beans are in the box, have the first player take one out and eat it.  Next, that person will try to guess the flavor.

Believe it or not, there are companies that sell combinations of jelly beans for this game.  But keep in mind that these are sold for adult only since they have benign flavors such as buttered popcorn and chocolate to beer.

Twenty Questions

The final game that is fine for kids and adults alike is the twenty question game.  If kids are playing this game, make it a rule that the object they select is written on paper.  Doing this will save a lot of fights around the campfire.

If adults are playing, do not worry about writing the object down.

Now that you have a tip on how to keep the piece, the question remains how do you play this game?  The first step is to pick the person who will start.  This person selects an object and either writes that object’s name down or just holds onto it in their memory.  Next, people have 20 questions by which to figure out what the object is.  The person that guesses the object is the next person to select one.  If the object is not guessed, another object is selected by that same player and the game continues.