The Trick to Building a Fire in the Rain is………..

Nothing beats a fire but sometimes Mother Nature does not play nice and what you get is a soggy mess with no fire.  While building a fire in the rain may seem like an impossible task, the trick below will help make a fire a reality verses an impossibility.

To begin this process, you will need to gather some dry tinder material.  What is tinder material?  Well, it can be numerous things but to get you started, consider gathering dry grasses, shaved cedar bark or even cotton balls. 

If rain is in the forecast before you leave for your trip or continue on your trip, consider going ahead and creating your tinder bundle with dry material. 

Once you have your tinder bundle material gathered, take out your first aid kit.  Yes, I said first aid kit.  Why do you want to do this?  Well, there are several different supplies inside the first aid kit that can help you build a fire.  What you are actually looking for in this kit is something that has petroleum in it.  This includes any antibiotic that has petroleum in it or just plain petroleum jelly.

After you have gathered your petroleum product, the next step is to get it into your tinder bundle.  This does not mean you just rub petroleum based product on the tinder bundle.  While this will work, it really will not work as well as the next technique.  To utilize this latter technique, you will first need to separate the fibers of your tinder bundle.  This means to pull the fibers apart as much as possible.  Once that is done, take a nice glob of petroleum based product and rub it into the fibers.  Continue to add and work in the petroleum based product until the entire tinder bundle is covered.  Once that is done, you are ready to use it for a fire in the rain or to save for later.

To this prepared tinder bundle, simply place it in your fire ring and light.  Add more tinder to bundle as it burns and then continue to build your fire.  This technique is great for a slight drizzle to a short term downpour.  On the other hand, this treated tinder bundle will not keep lit through a rain that lasts for several hours.

At this point, you may be wondering how this treated tinder bundle works.  Once the tinder bundle is lit, the petroleum jelly will burn before the organic material.  It also burns hotter and gives the remaining materials a chance to dry out and catch on fire before being put out by the rain.  But remember this is only short term solution to starting a fire in the rain.