The Simplest Backpack Meal

If you are a primitive camper, you know the best places to camp are in isolated locations that require effort to reach. Sometimes this effort can be in the form of distance or it can be in the form of load. Regardless of what the definition of effort is, no one wants to be faced with setting up camp, cooking a full meal and then cleaning up.

There are three solutions to this problem. One, the camper can forgo food, which is not a good idea. Lack of energy can be fatal in the backcountry. Two, the camper can forgo culinary delights and eat cold soup right out of the can. While this does provide energy and sustenance, it is by know means a real meal. The third choice is to cook a nutritional home cooked meal that is both easy to carry, prepare, and cleanup is minimum.

You may ask what this magical meal elixir is and the answer is….. a backpack meal.

A backpack meal is one that contains simple ingredients that can fit in a backpack and that only require minimum cooking equipment. It is the primitive campers version of fast food.

To create your own backpack meal, follow the directions below. Substitutions have been made for some of the ingredients.



3 Tablespoons of olive oil 12 sun-dried tomatoes 1 small can water chestnuts 1 package of stuffing mix, such as ones used for Thanksgiving dressing 2 cans of smoked oysters, tuna or salmon 2-quart pot


1. Place stuffing mix in the 2-quart pot and add required amount of water according to package directions. To this, add an additional 3 tablespoons. 2. To the stuffing, add olive oil in place of margarine and stir. 3. If tomatoes are not cut up, slice the sun-dried tomatoes into bite-size pieces and place in stuffing. 4. Let the mixture set for 5 minutes. 5. Drain oysters, tuna, or salmon along with water chestnuts. 6. Place your choice of seafood and water chestnuts in stuffing mix, stir and enjoy.

A backpack meal is a filling meal that can be prepared quickly and without much effort. The ingredients above can be changed to suit ones taste. If you do not like dried tomatoes, give other dried vegetables such as peas, broccoli or mushrooms a try. If seafood is not your cup of tea, then try canned sausages or chicken. And do not fret if you do not have commercial stuffing mix, you can make your own with dried breadcrumbs and chicken bouillon.

So let’s meet around the fire ring and enjoy a simple meal that is fit for any King or Queen of the forest.