The REGEN - Batteryless Yo-Yo MP3 Player

I've been meaning to make a post about why an iPod is a must have gadget for your camping trips. Okay, maybe not must have, but a darn useful one.

However, I still haven't gotten that far and I came across this little gadget today and I just had to share.

Now don't get too excited just yet because much like yesterday's Catchu Camera Frisbee, this thing is still only in the prototype phase but it's cool nonetheless.

One of the biggest problems with taking electronics with you on a camping trip is that the batteries tend to die. You either need a charger or spare batteries.

And that's what makes the REGEN Yo-Yo MP3 player so cool. To power this MP3 player all you need to be able to do are 10-12 tosses and you'll get about an hour's worth of play time.

And you can yo-yo and listen to music at the same time thanks to a wireless bluetooth headset.

This thing probably isn't an iPod killer seeing as how it can only hold 200 or so songs, but that doesn't mean it's not a cool idea and one that could come in handy on a camping trip when batteries and power tend to be in short supply.

(sorry, no video for your viewing pleasure today, but if you know of one where we can see this thing in action, please be sure to post it in the comments.)