Tell Scary Ghost Stories On Your Next Camping Trip

I am one of those people that loves a good joke and a good story but cannot ever remember them so when I try to repeat that joke or story it never works out because I inevitably give away the punch line or forget an important part of the story.

So if you love ghost stories and want to regale your family and friends with a delightfully scary tale at your next camping trip, I found a great website, with lots of ghost stories on it that you can print out and take with you. Or, if you are feeling extremely ambitious or if you have a photographic memory you can just memorize them. ghost picture

But, here's my disclaimer. Some of these are really pretty scary so save them for "adult" time only or you'll probably have kids sleeping on top of you for the rest of your camping trip because they'll think every little noise they hear is something spooky (no, wait...that's me! I'm such a "scaredy cat"!). Oh, and don't blame me if you can't sleep after hearing these!

Are you ready? Then, click here to go to the ghost stories website.