Simple Tips for Keeping Bugs at Bay while you are Camping

The outdoors and bugs go hand and hand.  While this is true there are a few things that you can do to reduce the problems associated with insects and camping.

First, plan where you are going to set up your campsite.  While you may not have this choice when you are camping at a camp ground, you do have selections when it comes to camping off the path.  The first thing you need to look at is how close your planned campsite is to a water source.  Yes, camping near your water source is convenient but it also draws insects.  The best approach is to camp away from the water source but not so far away that harvesting water is a problem.

The second item that you need to consider when camping off the path is the elevation of the land.  Insects gather in valleys because water collects there.  The best approach is to go for the high ground when possible. 

Once you have your site set up, set out a few citronella candles around the camp.  Lighting these candles will chase away many different types of insects.

The other item that will reduce the number of insects in your camp site is to keep all food sealed and keep the camp area clean.

As far as your personal care goes, there are a few things you can do to keep bugs off of you.  First, while your friends may like perfume you where so do bugs.  In doing so, do not apply perfume or use soap that contains perfume. 

Next cover up with the right clothes.  Light colored shirts and pants are the best approach.  Also limit the amount of skin that is available for the insects to bite.  This means you will need to wear long sleeve shirts and pants.  Do not stop there though; you will also need to cover your head and neck with a bandanna along with a hat.  If you are really troubled by insects flying in your face, consider using a head net.

Another easy thing you can do is to keep cool.  Why is this?  Well, insects are attracted to sweat.  

Finally, manage what you eat.  Certain foods can produce an aroma on the skin that is distasteful to insects.  This includes garlic or foods high in vitamin B.

While you cannot keep all insects at bay, the tips above will help you have a better camping experience.