Selecting The Perfect Primitive Campsite

While camping at a park with primitive camping is pretty simple, there are times when there is not a park or camping facility around.  What do you do then?  The answer is easy, but before you start staking down your campsite claim, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Permission First

Whenever you camp you always need to get permission first and foremost.  Nothing is as discouraging than to have to pull up camp because a landowner is not happy with their new uninvited guests.

Safety First

While primitive camping is a great way of unplugging and truly getting away, it is also a time when safety is paramount.  Before considering a location, follow this checklist of hazards to avoid.

Once you have evaluated your chosen site, the next step is to make sure that it provides a relaxing environment.  A scenic view is always a plus.  Orientating the door on the tent so that the morning sun greets you is a great way of starting ones day.  Also, this simple orientation will guarantee that your tent dries from the morning dew. 

In just, the perfect campsite is one that is in a clearing, with relatively flat land that is slightly on a rise and contains a well-drained type of soil.  If the perfect location has an insect problem, place the tent in a windward location.  This will carry away any pest that may come visiting.

The last thing that makes a campsite home is water. While it is nice not to have to hike far distances for water, it also is not a good idea to camp along side a trickling stream.  The hazards outweigh the dangers.

So this year, when the camping bugs nibbles on your leg, make sure to pick the best and safest site possible.  Doing this simple act will enhance your experience without worry.