RV & Camper Show Secrets

So I was just going through some old files on my computer and I came across this podcast we did back in January when I was in Wisconsin, so when I talk about it being friccin' cold outside, you'll know why.

This podcast is all about camper shows.

Here's a list of everything we talk about in the approximately 30 minutes: - 5 Reasons why you should attend a camper show - How to find camper shows in your area - 5 Things to bring to a camper show - What you can expect to see at a camper show - When is the best time to attend - Don't be intimidated by the size - here's where to start - What are all the benefits of attending - How to get the most value out of your trip - Should you buy a camper at a camper show (if you're in the market)? - What else is there to see besides RVs and campers?

Hope you enjoy - if you like this podcast be sure to let us know - we're considering doing at least one new podcast every week, so I'd really like to hear your feedback and suggestions.