Product Review: The Joey Chair by Travel Chair

Nothing beats a comfortable chair and this is true whether you are sitting in your living room or on the trail.  While there are many different types of “camp” chairs available, most of them are either to heavy and bulky to carry or they are not substantial enough to hold an average sized person comfortably.  Having said that, I just discovered a new type of camp chair that meets my backpacking requirements, which means the chair must be comfortable, durable and light.

I know what you are thinking.  This chair can just be too good to be true but believe me it is not.  The first unique aspect of this chair is the fact that it only weighs 1.9 pounds, which is a great if you are trying to keep your pack light for a long backpacking trip.  It also comes in a small case that has a loop on each end that can be used to attach the chair easily to the outside of the backpack.  At this point, you may be wondering what keeps this chair so light and compact.  The answer is simple; it is designed very similar to a tent.


The legs of this chair are not just stagnant legs that are immobile like most camp chairs.  Instead, they fold up like tent poles, which keep the chair compact.  They simply slip into a bracket on each end of a central bar that forms the seat of the chair.  The legs themselves are held together with a bungee like cord that keeps the legs together while on the chair and in the pack.  Once the frame is built, the chair cover is easily attached by fabric loops.  All of this set up time takes less than 5 minutes.

This chair by Travel Chair is not only unique by design but this company has thought about the downfall of many camp chairs, which is the dreaded pool of sweat that forms when you sit in them for awhile.  To solve this issue, the chair seat cover is ventilated so that your butt can breathe.  This same mesh material is also carried over into the carrying case.  This means no more worries about packing a wet chair and it molding. 

Beyond the Joey chair design, this company has also thought about the set up.  What I mean by that is the fact that many people forget how to set tents and even camp chairs up.  While this may seem simple, the concept of setting something up without directions can turn certain people off, which means the piece of equipment without directions is thrown in the corner and forgotten about.  If this sounds familiar, do not worry.  This company has found a solution by which you will never lose the directions again.  What is this solution?  Well, they do have the directions on a typical tag on the bag but a set of picture directions can be found on the inside of the bag.

As much as I love this chair, I do have an issue.  The bag states that it will hold up to 300 pounds.  While I am sure that is true, I can safely say that if I weighed 300 pounds I would sit very carefully on this chair.  The legs do not appear to be big enough to hold that much weight especially if one is moving around in the chair.

Overall, I would give the Joey Chair a two thumbs up as far as a great chair to take on my next backpacking trip.