Preparing Your Rig For The New Camping Season

When spring comes around we always get that fresh new feeling that may motivate some of us to do some serious cleaning. For those of you that own a camper or RV, getting it prepared for the new, exciting camping season is one of the tasks to take care of on your cleaning list. Your rig may have come with instructions on how to prepare it for a new season after a long storage period. If not, below you will find plenty of reminders and tips on how to get this task marked off of your cleaning list.

For the outside of the RV be sure to remove any covers or caps off of your airconditioning unit and/or vents and any pipes or drains you may have temporarily sealed off during your off season. Also, check the roof and body seams for any cracks or damages and repair them accordingly. If you have an awning on your RV or a pop-up camper, check the canvas for any tears or mildew and repair and clean with canvas cleaner if need be. After sitting up for a long period of time, locks, hinges and any other moving parts may have seized up a bit, so be sure to lubricate all of these things. You also should check your tires and their pressure and inflate to the proper pressure if need be. Also, a few more things to remember are to flush the system of any non-toxic RV antifreeze, sanitize the water system, reinstall any water filters that may have been removed, and pressurize the system and check for leaks. For details on how to do this, please consult the owner's manual for your rig. Also, test and prepare your generator for the new season. Consult the manual for the generator, as well, for details on how to do this.

For cleaning and preparing the inside of your RV, the first thing to do would be to open all the windows, vents, cupboards and any storage compartments to let them air out. Also, you want to remove any moth balls and rodent repellants you may have placed the season before. Be sure to check for any damage due to weather or pests and fix accordingly. Also, don't forget to replace your mattresses and cushions if you removed them previously. After this has been done, a quick clean can be done to help refreshen your camper. Plug any appliances back in and relight your pilot lights, if any. Check to make sure your fire extinguisher and all alarms(carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, etc.) are working properly. If need be, clean or replace your airconditioning filter and reinstall fuses or reset any breakers. Also, remember to check all of your electrical appliances and your generator to be sure they are all working properly. Consult your manuals on these items to learn how to test them.

If your rig is motor operated, be sure to check all of the componets in the engine as well. Replacing the oil, fuel filter and spark plugs should be done. Also, check and clean the carburetor and check all of the fluid levels. If you disconnected or removed your battery, do not forget to reconnect it. It may be best and easier to have these things done by a professional.

Finally if your rig has any accessories, don't forget consult the manuals and check and test those too. Here are a few you may have: TV antenna or dish, slideouts, scissors or hydraulic jacks, step mechanism, back up camera system or solar collector system. Look for outdoor antenna installation guides on articles like:, with their help and that of the Internet, you will surely find exactly what you need.

It may seem like a job to prepare your RV for the exciting season ahead, but you know it will be well worth it in the end to get these things taken care first. That way you don't run into any problems during your trips.