Portable DVD Players and Game Systems - Bring Sanity To Your Road Trip

Does this sound familiar?

The kids are in the back saying, “are we there yet?” You say no. Then you hear, “he’s touching me.” You reply, “don’t make me stop this car and come back there.” A few minutes later, “he’s looking at me.” You pull over and throw them in the trunk for the remainder of the trip.* (*not recommended, this is illegal in all 50 states)

Fortunately, you can put those days behind you. An rear entertainment system for your car is a great start. However, even then you can’t always satisfy everybody. So get them all a personal DVD player and a Sony PSP and turn “are we there yet” into “we’re there already?”

Portable DVD players run under $100 each these days and a Sony PSP (or Gameboy) can both be picked up reasonably as well. Consider it an investment in your mental health and sanity.