Part IV of Video Series on Buying an RV or Popup Camper

This is the fourth and final set of videos from the 15 part video series on How to Buy RVs and Popup Campers by Gary Godwin of Hawley's Camping Center in Wilmington, North Carolina.

(to watch videos 1 through 4 click here ; to watch videos 5 through 7 click here; and to watch videos 8 through 10 click here).

As with the other videos they are short because the information is presented in a clear and concise way. All of them are less than three minutes long.

There are 5 videos in the final section covering a variety of topics including: - RV and Camper Walk Throughs - RV and Camper Benefit Packages - Joining and RV Camping Club - How to Service Your RV and Camper - Reviewing the RV or Camper Purchase Process

A few of the good points made in the videos include: - The walkthrough and demonstration is very important so you know exactly how things work. - Ask about a seal test (checks to make sure the RV or camper is sealed which protects it from water damage). - There are lots of different camping clubs but each one is different so make sure it fits your needs and wants before signing up. - Ask the dealer what they are going to do for you after the sale because you want to make sure you are going to get good service for maintenance and any repairs that may be needed later on. "Service After the Sale" is your right.

RV and Camper Walk Throughs (1 minute 24 seconds long)

RV and Camper Benefit Packages (2 minutes 30 seconds long)

Joining an RV Camping Club (1 minute 55 seconds long)

How to Service Your RV and Camper (2 minutes 39 seconds long)

Reviewing the RV or Camper Purchase Process (2 minutes 17 seconds long)

One of the things I have liked most about all these videos is that the person who did them, Gary Godwin is not only a camping dealership manager but is a camping enthusiast himself who encourages everyone to "go camping." I agree! Get out there and have some fun.