Motorcycle Campers

It wasn’t all that long ago that a motorcyclist who was also a camping enthusiast didn’t have a lot of choices if he or she wanted to combine a biking trip with a camping trip. After all, a motorcycle has limited storage so only the barest necessities could be brought along which meant, for sleeping, a sleeping bag and a small tent or tarp to keep out the wind and rain.

But now things are changing with the introduction of a greater number of pull behind popup campers designed to be pulled behind motorcycles although they can also be pulled behind ATV’s and small vehicles as well. And even though it may seem like pull behind pop up campers for motorcycles have only been around for a few years because of their fairly recent increase in popularity, they’ve been manufactured for over 30 years.

A few companies who make these pull behind camping trailers are A & A Manufacturing, Datsama, Roadman Campers, Time Out Trailers, and Lees-ure Lite Trailers.  



These small pull behind popup campers have amenities (some standard and some optional depending on the model and manufacturer) such as:

The campers are easy and quick to set up too. Setup time for these small popup campers is usually only about 5 minutes (often less time than that). If you are also setting up a screen room or add-on room, the setup time will be a little longer. Takedown time is just as quick and easy so you won’t be spending hours of your precious leisure time setting up and taking down your camper.

How Lightweight Are These Small Popup Campers?  

Keep in mind that all the trailer weights listed above are empty trailer weights and that those weights do not include the weight of the tongue. Also keep in mind that while all the trailers have storage space for you to pack extra items such as clothing, toiletries, food and cooking gear; all the trailers have maximum load weights which vary by the size of the pull behind camper and the manufacturer.


With the exception of the Lees-ure Lite campers, the lengths listed above include the tongue. The average camper is 60” long without length of the tongue added in. If a storage rack is standard on the camper, it is included in the height dimension of the camper.  


Base prices start around $1,700 and go up to around $4,000, not including any applicable taxes or shipping charges. And, the price of the campers will go up as options such as screen rooms and awnings are added. But if you factor in the comfort and additional storage space of one of these campers compared to only having a tent and a sleeping bag, for many people the cost of these pull behind campers is well worth the money especially if you are going on several overnight trips a year or going on extended trips.

According to 5best review, there are several sizes and weights of pull behind bike campers, there’s one that will work for almost any bike size although you’ll need to check on your bike’s towing capacity before making your purchase. Electric bikes and scooters have seen growth in their popularity not only in younger people, check out stuff about MyProScooter if you are interested in those bikes..

A pull behind camping trailer will make those bike camping trips a lot more comfortable but not any more work than setting up a tent. After a long day of riding your bike on the open road all you’ll need is a few minutes to have your own personal “hotel room” set up and ready to use.