Mingle With Pirates and Thieves in Port Washington Wisconsin

Friday June 6, 2008 through Sunday June 8, 2008 is the Walk The Plank Festival in Port Washington, Wisconsin; located in the southestern part of Wisconsin on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

It includes an invasion, a Thieves Marketplace, a Gruel Galley (no gruel, just good food), a Buccaneer Bash, fireworks, activities for the kids, demonstrations, educational exhibits, musicians, comedians, parade, and a pirate ship.

The festival is a lot of fun for kids and adults plus there is camping nearby. And, as much as I like camping it's also fun to take a day away sometimes and enjoy local events.

Entertainers already booked for the 2008 event include: - The Midwest Knife and Axe Throwers (yes they throw knives and axes - it's pretty cool) - The River Valley Colonial Fife and Drum Corps - Bounding Main Shanty Singers and Balladeers - The Jolly Rogers Pirate Music Singers (notice the theme?) - Reilly Rocks (Irish Celtic Rock Music)

walk the plank banner

The best part is that admission to the festival is free (although some of the special events like the rum tasting cost extra, as do the ship cruises).

It's a fun event that takes a step back in time to the "Pirate Days" but at the festival you don't have to worry about being forced to "walk the plank" or "swab the deck" but you will probably hear pirate jargon like "ahoy," "arr!" and "blimey" and you may be called "mate" more than once.

Campgrounds near the festival:

Lazy Days Campground in West Bend (17 miles from Port Washington)

Lake Lenwood Beach and Campground near West Bend (about 17 miles from Port Washington)

Kohler Andrae State Park near Sheboygan (24 miles from Port Washington)

As the official website for the event says, it is a weekend of fun and merriment.

For more information on the Port Washington area, click here to order a free visitors guide.