Making a Portable Camp Shower

Before I get to the directions on how to make a portable camp shower, let me share something with you. Believe it or not, you can get dirty on your way back from the camp shower house. I know I know it is hard to believe but my kids proved this fact every time when they were little. While I tried all sorts of tricks and hints, the inside of our tents were always a mess. Also, the camp showers always seemed to be too far away for a quick rinse of the hands and feet. What to do, what to do? Well, this is an idea. Make your own portable camp shower that you can have in place at camp. No, I do not use this for a full on shower. Privacy can be an issue. Instead, I use this shower for those times that you simply need to spray off before you enter your tent.

Please keep in mind that this is just general directions. You can make it so that it meets any need you may have for your camping experience.


Making a Portable Camp Shower


1 new bug or weed sprayer (If you plan on using hot water, choose a stainless steel one) *For safety, do not use a weed or bug sprayer that has been used for chemical application.

Standard kitchen sink sprayer

Hose clamp

¼ inch barbed brass adapter

¼ hose clamp

Pipe thread tape


  1. Cut off the sprayer wand or remove the hose clamp that is holding it on in some brands.
  2. Take the ¼ inch brass pipe cap, which comes with the kitchen sprayer and insert it into the ¼ inch barbed brass adapter. Place this inside the hose of the sprayer and secure with a ¼ inch pipe clamp.
  3. Wrap some pipe thread tape to the threads of the brass pipe cap. Attach the kitchen sprayer to the brass pipe cap.
  4. Done.

Now, test out your portable camp shower but…………..wait a minute. Some sprayers have a control button by which you can turn on and off the spray. If your sprayer has one of these, do not forget to turn it on so that the water moves through the hose. Ok, now you are ready to fill it with water, and pump it to create the spray.

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While I simply use mine to wash my hands and feet at camp, there are many different uses for this uncomplicated camp shower.

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