Light Sensitive Sunglasses from Hammacher And Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer Aviator Sunglasses

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a sunglasses snob – heck, for several years sunglasses were my business so excuse me if I’m a bit picky about the optics I use for eye protection. Heck, if it didn’t make me look like a tremendous tool, I would wear my sunglasses at night when I go out to the bars.

However, when you’re out hiking it’s easy to go from high light to low light (like in heavily wooded areas) frequently making you constantly put on or remove your sunglasses. Fortunately Hammacher Schlemmer has come up with a solution such annoyances with their Aviator sunglasses. As light conditions change so does the tint of these sunglasses, getting darker in high light and lighter in low light.

And if you need goggles for your snowboarding or skiing needs they have electronic tint goggles that use air force technology to go from light tint to dark tint instantly with the push of a button.