Keeping Up Appearances when Primitive Camping

When one goes out to the woods, the idea of how you keep your personal hygiene going can be a problem.  This can be especially true when it comes to situations where you have no shower, no water or one is not allowed to bathe.  Also, in some situations the perfumes used in many hygiene products attract wildlife like bears and in doing so is discouraged.  But since cleanliness is next to godliness, one must come up with a solution that does not offend man or beast.

Below are some suggestions for common items that serve dual purposes.  The concept of duality is very important when one is limited on space and weight, which is a consideration for any camping trip.


Smelling good and not be socially unacceptable is very important to many campers.  But the desire to smell good can be dangerous for everyone around when perfumed laden deodorant is used.  A more camp friendly version is baking soda.  This can be used as a deodorant when sprinkled in the hand and rubbed on the armpits.  Also, it can be used to freshen up and deodorize hiking boots after a long day on the trail. 

Tooth Paste

Having good oral hygiene is another challenge that campers will face.   While a tube of tooth paste does not take up much room, a simple box of baking soda can clean the teeth, clean the pots and used as a culinary ingredient. It's a good idea to schedule a dental check-up before going camping. If you are having a tough time finding a good dentist, visit this page.


Keeping ones hair clean is another outdoor test.  So campers will deal with this by in different ways.  Men will shave their heads before a campout, wear a bandana or a cap to cover their dirty hair.  Women, on the other hand, will wear a cap by which they put their hair up in or pull their hair back into a bun or ponytail.   Instead of doing this, consider using powder or dry shampoo.  An easy and inexpensive one to use is baby powder, which can simply be sprinkled on the hair and combed through. 


Keeping ones skin, which is the largest organ on the body, moist and healthy is easy to do on a camp trip.  Simply pack coconut oil.  This can be used to cook with, as a moisturizer and an organic sunscreen.  To use as a moisturizer, apply to damp skin.  On the other hand, if you are using it as a sunscreen make sure to apply the oil before you need it and often. 

The name coconut oil is misleading.  When you purchase it, it will be in a solid form.  To bring it to a liquid, just rub it between your fingers or hands. 

Lip Balm

Lips can easily be burned.  To prevent this requires no extra supplies except your nose.  The oil that accumulates in the crease of the nose is great for the lips.  Simply rub this crease and apply the body oil to the lips.  To keep them moist, repeat this step often. 

Following these hints will allow you to keep some level of human cleanliness without carrying everything including the shower.