How To Set Up A Popup Camper

One subject I get lots of questions about is setup and takedown of my popup camper. People who are thinking of purchasing one want to know how hard it is to do and how long it takes.

Setting up a popup camper does not take very long nor is it hard. When my family goes camping, setting up the camper is the easy part.

It's all the rest of the stuff we lug along like a gazebo, extra tent, grill, chairs, campsite decorations, rug, tripod for the fire, food bins, hammock, radio, and clothesline that take a lot of time to get set up.

That's why packing our vehicle and popup for camping requires excellent "use of space" strategies. By the time we're done packing, there's hardly enough space left to squeeze a pack of chewing gum into.

Yeah, sometimes I'm my own worst enemy.

If a person keeps it simple and doesn't take a lot of extra "stuff", setup and takedown is quick.

To see a great instructional video on how to set up a popup camper, watch the YouTube video below: