How to Repair a Tent Pole

Nothing can ruin a camping trip like a broken tent pole.  To demonstrate my point, let me tell you a story.  My husband and I planned a vacation to the backcountry in the state we lived in.  While it was not that far, we really did not want to have to go back to town to get supplies.  The trip began with a hike to a preplanned location where we would set up our tent.  The first night was wonderful.  We set our tent up with no problems.  The next morning, we got up, tore down the tent, and went on with our hike.  After six hours of hiking, we came upon our next planned campsite but………the set up was a little different.

As we unpacked our tent we noticed that one of the tent poles was broke.  What to do, what to do?  Well, we could have panicked, backed up, and said that is it instead we simply took a deep breath and began to repair our tent pole.  Below is how we did it.


Repairing a Tent Pole

To begin the process, you will need a broken tent pole, duct tape, and a tent pole repair sleeve.  While these are basic supplies, you may not have a tent pole repair sleeve.  These are very inexpensive and should be part of your camping gear.  It can save your camping trip with little effort and weight.

Once you have all your supplies, take a look at your broken pole.  Remove any splintered metal from the broken area.  Flatten each side of the broken area and slide into the tent pole repair sleeve.  Make sure that the break is in the center of the tent pole repair sleeve.  Using a marker, make a mark on each side of the broken pole.  This will allow you to line up the tent pole repair sleeve again.

After the lines have been made, pull the broken tent pole out of the sleeve and wrap each end with duct tape.  The reason for this is to make sure that the tent pole repair sleeve fits tight.  Once that is done, place each end of the broken tent pole back into the repair sleeve and line up the lines.  The reason that you really need to tape up the inside is the fact that the pole will be bending and you need as much support as possible without the broken pole working its way out of the repair sleeve.  If you find that this has happened, add more tape to the broken areas and reapply the repair sleeve.

While this is a temporary fix, it is worth doing to save a campout.