How to Make Campfire Popcorn Satchels

Believe it or not, camping works up an appetite.  This is so true when you are camping with kids and if you do not plan for these snacks, things will be eaten that are not the healthiest.  While camping with my kids, I always had out fresh fruit during the day until a little furry friend came visiting our campsite.  What was this friend?  Well, it was a raccoon who loved the fresh fruit as much as we did.  After that, we always keep the fruit in the cooler.  But as healthy as fresh fruit is, there are times when you want something different and this is where popcorn satchels come into play.

These little packs are easy to create and do not take up much room in a pack or food tub.  If you get the kids involved in creating these snacks, they can be used as a prelude to the camping trip or a teachable moment, which can cover the science of popcorn and/or the importance of healthy living.  So get the kids together, read the directions below, and prepare to make your very own popcorn satchels.


To begin this process, you will need to gather a few supplies.  You will need a roll of aluminum foil, popcorn kernels, and oil.  Once you have your supplies, roll out an 18 inch square of aluminum foil.  In the center of the foil, add 2 tablespoons of popcorn kernels and 2 tablespoons of oil.  Next, seal the edges so that the “packet” is in the shape of a satchel.  Do not roll down too tight.  You will need room for the popcorn kernels to pop.  Now pack away for your campfire snack.

Once you get to camp and you are ready for this snack, build a fire.  Get the kids out there to gather wood not only for the fire but also for the popcorn satchels.  You want sticks that are long enough so that the kids do not get burned while they are cooking their popcorn.  Once the fire is hot and everyone has their sticks, it is time to prepare the popcorn satchels for cooking.  To do this, requires one to tie a string to the end of the popcorn satchel.  Make sure that the knot is secure.  Next, tie the satchel to the end of a stick.  Once that is done, you are ready to cook.

To cook your popcorn is easy.  You simply hold the popcorn satchel over the fire and gently shake.  Listen for the popping and when the popping sounds slow down, remove from the heat and open up.  At this point, you can eat your popcorn or add additional seasoning such seasoned salt or grated parmesan cheese.