How to Make a Backcountry Bar

Ok, before I go into how to make a backcountry bar, I need to state that this is only for adults.

The idea for a backcountry bar came from the fact that yes I like beer but sometimes I want a little something different but……..I do not want to have to carry a lot of supplies to be able to have a mixed drink.  Below is an idea that you can follow to create your own backcountry bar but please change it to your taste.  The ingredients below just allow me to fix what I like.


As far as the bottles go, they need to be food grade plastic.  To keep the weight down and make this bar easily packable, obtain one 8 ounce plastic bottle and three 2 ounce bottles.  Beyond the bottles, you will need one small zip up like plastic bag.


The ingredients are pretty much what you want to make it but before grabbing bottles and pouring alcohol, think about the mixed drinks you would like to make.  Believe it or not, you can make a hot toddy, Manhattan, whiskey neat, mint julep, and a black maple spice.  All of these from an 8 ounce bottle of whiskey, vermouth and bitters, and a simple syrup. 

To make your bar, take the 8 ounce plastic bottle and fill it with whiskey.  Next, pour vermouth into one of the 2 ounces bottles and had three dashes of bitters. 

At this point, you will need to gather other ingredients beyond liquor.  This includes granulated sugar, fresh mint, honey, maple syrup, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and fresh ginger.  Once you have all the ingredients gathered, make a simple syrup from equal parts of sugar and water.  While the simple sugar is warm, add six to eight mint leaves.  After the simple syrup has cooled, place in the second 2 ounce bottle.

As far as the last 2 ounce bottle goes, place a small stick of cinnamon inside the bottle.  Peel a small piece of fresh ginger and add to the bottle.  Add two cloves to the bottle.  Finally, fill the bottle with maple syrup.

Once the bottles are filled, pack them away for awhile.  This will allow the ingredients in the 2 ounce bottles to “steep” for awhile.

Right before you leave take your plastic bag and fill with sliced lemons.  

Other ingredients you will also need include honey, and black tea.    


Now that you have your backcountry bar made, what do you do with it?  Well, the easiest recipe is for a whiskey neat, which is straight whiskey or whiskey diluted with a little water.  Looking to take your tea up a notch then consider making a black maple spice drink.  This starts out with heating water up to brew your black tea.  Once the tea has steeped for 5 minutes, remove the tea bag and add one and half ounces of whiskey to the tea.  Sweeten the drink up a bit by adding the ingredients from your maple syrup bottle.  After all ingredients have been added, stir until maple syrup is dissolved.  Now enjoy.