How do you Properly Apply Bug Repellent?

As the temperatures warm up, the bugs come out.  While I have adventured out after eating a lot of garlic and I mean a lot of garlic and it does seem to keep them at bay, I would not recommend this approach.  Nor would I suggest that you go out without applying some type of bug repellent but to really keep those pests away one must know how to properly apply the repellent.

What type of repellent you choose to use is really up to you.  DEET has taken some negative press lately and it really is not designed for the very young.  As I stated before, I have used the garlic trick and that works for awhile but when I use this approach I end up hiking by myself.  There are also natural repellents that work just like DEET.  The type really does not matter.  The key though is knowing how to properly apply the repellent so that it is the most effective.

First, you need to get your supplies together and it really goes beyond the repellent.  You will need a bug repellent of choice that is in a roll- or sponge-type applicator.  You will also need a roll of duct tape. 

Now that you have your supplies, the next step is to strip down to your underwear.  Yes, I said your underwear.  You may be asking why.  Well, the reason is your clothes ride up and down.  If you just apply the repellent to your clothes, you are opening up a space by which insects can invade.  Applying the repellent to the skin closes this gap.


Once you are in your underwear and socks, you can begin to apply the repellent.  I like to work from the bottom up.  Start you repellent application at your socks.  This means spraying your socks completely.  Next, move up to your knees and spray down from the knees to the top of your socks.  Once that is done, spray a band of repellent along the bottom edge of each underwear leg.  Next, move up to your underwear band and apply an inch of repellent around your waist.

The next area you will need to cover is your arms.  To do this, apply a complete circle around the wrist, slightly below the elbow and above the elbow.  Once that is done, apply a band of repellent all the way around the neck.

As far as the hat goes, completely cover the hat.  When doing this, make sure to go all the way to the edge of the rim and slightly beyond.  This will create a vapor barrier, which will keep the pests away from your face.

The last step in this process after you get dressed is to tuck your pant legs into the top of your socks.  Then, run a strip of duct tape all the way around the top of the socks.  Once that is done, put your boots on, your hat and you are ready to go.