Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to wish all my American readers Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are able to enjoy some time today with family and friends, and hopefully enjoy a great meal in the process.

My celebration is always indoors but a regular reader in the CampingEarth forum is going to mark Thanksgiving 2008 by celebrating a 14th annual Thanksgiving campout and feast. Everyone brings food to share at their celebration held at a local campground and they cook their turkey in a turkey fryer. It sounds like a great way to create lasting memories which it must because the forum regular who has this celebration says "We burn a pickup load of firewood and tell a thousand lies. Great fun." Read all about it by clicking here. Maybe you'll get the inspiration to start your own Thanksgiving campout and feast!

Tomorrow is the official start of the Christmas shopping season. To help you with gift ideas for the campers on your list tomorrow will be the day one kickoff of the "2008 Camping Earth Gift Guide." Over the next 25 days we'll post gift ideas ranging from camping essentials to fun gadgets to help you find the perfect gift for everyone you're shopping for this year. By click here now you will get the best gift stuff, do visit.

My start to the official Christmas shopping season is going to start very early tomorrow on Black Friday (too early - about 4 am). I'll be one of those crazy people standing in line outside (probably freezing my butt off) waiting for the stores to open so I can get some of those great deals. It's a tradition I started with my daughter 10 years ago and one that I would now gladly give up but one she thinks is way too much fun to stop. And it is fun. For my daughter and myself it's not so much about the great deals, but the time we spend together and the stories we always come home with about the crazy and silly things other shoppers did (like the couple who had a huge fight in a store a couple of years ago over her purse. She told him to hold it and he loudly proclaimed he wasn't a girl and wasn't going to hold it. She thrust it at him anyway. He got mad, put it on the floor, told her he put it on the floor and started to walk away. The argument escalated from there. It was sad but funny because they seemed to be completely unaware that hundreds of people were watching and listening to every word because their argument occurred near the front of the store where a lot of us were waiting to check out. We were pretty much a captive audience).

Anyway, I'm going to fortify myself with a great meal today so that I have lots of energy for shopping with the crowds tomorrow.