Getting Your Camper Ready For The Off Season

Going camping is a great, relaxing way to become stress-free. When all of the fun of your camping season is over, however, you need to be sure to do all the things necessary before putting the camper away for storage. If proper care is not taken, getting your camper back out and ready for the next season can be very stressful, costly and time consuming. Below are a few things that should be done before storing your camper away for the off season.

If you have a pop-up camper, the first thing you want to be sure to do is to clean the canvas with a canvas cleaner. Also, be sure to let it completely air-dry before folding it up. This will help prevent mold and mildew from forming. Another thing to take care of, if you have canvas on your camper, would be to repair any holes or tears that may have occured during your exciting adventures.

With any camper you want to be sure to drain all of the pipes and containers, including the waste container. If this is not done, during the winter months your pipes may become damaged and break if they become frozen. After emptying all of your pipes, remember to close off any open drain ends and pipes. This will ensure that they stay bug and rodent free throughout the off season. Also you want to be sure you have turned off any pilot lights and refridgerator. After the refriderator has defrosted(if any ice build up has taken place), be sure to wipe the insides dry and leave the doors propped open. This will ensure that no midew forms inside. You may also want to keep and open box of baking soda inside of it to ensure it stays odor free.

Another thing to take care of before storing the camper away, would be to remove all of the mattresses and/or cushions. If any sort of pest manages to get in, this would be one of the first things they may go after for their bedding. If you are not able to remove these items, the next best thing to do would be to cover them in thick plastic bags. For an extra precaution, you will want to be sure to place mothballs and rodent repellant in all corners of your camper and even in the middle of the floors. Be sure your camper is free of all perishable food items, as well, and clean the inside thoroughly to further insure that critters are not tempted to come in.

Something else to remember, would be to wash the outside of the camper as well. Dirt and grime left sitting over time can ruin your paint job. The best way to store a camper would be in a covered parking area on a hard solid surface, such as, gravel or concrete. If this can not be done, the next best thing would be to purchase a cover for your camper. If your camper is parked on the bare ground, the best thing to do is place boards, plywood or teflon pads under the tires to keep them from sinking into the ground when or if it becomes saturated with rain. Also, disconnect both of the battery terminals in your camper. If your camper is going to be stored in extreme weather conditions, you may want to remove it altogether and store it in a more moderate climate.

If you follow these tips you will continue to stay stress-free knowing your camper is put away safe and sound, waiting for the next exciting and adventurous season of camping in the great outdoors!