Four Essential Pieces Of Camping Equipment

Packing for a camping trip is an art – pack too much and you'll regret the extra effort you put into carrying things around, or pack too little and you'll spend your trip running back and forth to the local convenience store. Read on for more tips on the essential items to pack for your camping trip.

You've got the tent, the camp stove and the beach towels – but are you really ready for your big camping trip? If you're new to camping, you'll likely find that your first few trips will reveal which items are essential to your enjoyment, and which are an unnecessary waste of space in your trunk. First, let's be sure you have the basics packed:

Must-Have Camping Equipment

Of course, there are many other things that could be added to this list, depending on the length of your camping stay and how comfortable you prefer to be. Some people argue for "pure" camping, while others roll up with electric coffeemakers and laptops. However, there are a few other essential pieces of equipment that most people forget to bring:


Wait, what? After all the new-fangled, high-tech camping gadgets you just purchased for your trip, you may be wondering what place the humble rope has on your camping equipment list. Well, the second you set foot on your campground, you'll begin to see industrious campers who have created clothes lines by stringing rope between two or three trees. These clothes lines can be used for drying beach towels, suspending your garbage off the ground, or even to create a privacy barrier between campsites. Long story short – don't leave your rope at home!


Garbage bags

Even if you venture forth to discover pure, unadulterated nature on your camping trip, you're bound to create some amount of garbage. And yet, many people forget to bring this essential item and wind up scrambling to find some way to contain their trash. However, garbage bags also come in handy for protecting car seats from beach-soaked children, for packing up wet towels and bathing suits to take home, and can even serve as impromptu ponchos in the event of an unlikely rain shower.

Shower shoes

If the last time you wore shoes in the shower was back in your 1979 dorm, it's time to relive the good old days. If you're staying in a campground that offers bath facilities, you'll soon find that you're sharing them with the other 300 guests living in tents around you. Shower shoes are crucial – not just for protecting yourself from nasty foot germs, but also for keeping the pounds of sand dragged in by beach-going kiddies off your feet. Fortunately, if you don't have a pair at home, you can pick one up from any discount retailer for as little as $3-5.

Can opener

Unless you've hired a gourmet chef to visit your campsite three times a day, you're probably going to be eating some of your meals out of cans. That is, if you're able to open the cans you've packed with you. For some reason, the can opener is frequently left behind when packing up camping gear. Do yourself a favor and make sure this handy utensil is packed – otherwise, you could spend a day driving from gas station to corner store looking for a replacement.