Follow Along As Two Brothers Build A Teardrop Trailer

Earlier this year, two brothers decided to embark on an adventure to build a teardrop trailer and also decided to write about it in a blog. Their first conversation on the topic started on March 15, 2008 and they have since written 17 blog posts about their progress on their teardrop and have posted pictures as well.

Whether you are interested in building your own teardrop trailer, have built a teardrop trailer, are in the process of building your own teardrop trailer or are like me and are in awe of anyone who can build anything that won't fall apart when someone touches it with their pinkie (can you tell I'm severely challenged in the "building things" department?), it's fun to read and follow along with their project.

The teardrop isn't quite done yet, but in their latest post on November 22 they said the outside is pretty much done. Check out their post on November 10 to see some nice looking pictures of the exterior.

I'm guessing it won't get christened with its first camping trip until 2009 though because, like me, they said they aren't good winter campers (although I would be if I could camp someplace warm and sunny like Florida!).

To see all their blog posts and pictures click here.