Find Cheap Camping Equipment

Even though we all like to have the best and brightest colored camping equipment money can buy, money doesnt grow on money trees. At least not anywhere but our dreams. Money is hard to come by these days, it takes sweat, blood, and precious tears to get some of that green stuff.

It can be vary painful going to or and handing over buckets full of greenbacks for that shiny piece of outdoor gear; tent, sleeping bag, cooking ware. We think we need that new gear, but don't like spending to get it.

Why can't we all find the cheapest and best camping gear on the market? Who sells cheap camping gear that isn't made out of sticks and grass? What types of camping gear can we get on the cheap, and not pay for it later?

Well, probably nothing, but you get what you pay for. Considering the beating that most camping gear takes over time, is it really worth your hard earned cash to get that named brand stuff? Yes sometimes and no others.

1. Cheap Camping Tents Here is a item you might not want to go fisher price on, but never fear. There are plenty of options today for cheap camping tents that won't break the budget and let all the rain in at the same time! Photo by cdamian You don't have to buy a 500 dollar Mountain Hardware or Northface tent to get a camping tent that fits your budget. You need to think outside the box. Also, what are willing to put up with, and are you going to take care of what you have?

Some of the best and cheapest camping tents you can find today are going to come from Cabelas. That's right. You don't have to be a camouflage wearing, gun toting redneck to shop there. (I would count myself as one) Cabelas is known for their quality in their hunting and fishing selection, why not their camping tents? Especially if you can hit up their bargain cave like i did and score a deal.

Also, if you're just going to be getting outside to camp a few times a year, not on top of a mountain, Eureka, would be another good option. Remember, this is not going to Mountain Hardware quality, but if you take care of this tent and play nice, it will get you by.

2. Cheap Camping Cookware We all know we need somewhere to sleep when camping, so tents are a given, but what about eating? Coming up with cheap camping cookware is probably going to be next on our list of items to get.

Unless you want your significant other beating you over the head for using the good kitchenware from home on your next camping trip, we had better find another option.

Anyone who has gone camping and cooking over a open fire knows the mess and chaos that ensues after all the smoke has cleared, literally. Camping cookware takes a beating and is not going to look pretty after its first outing, so get rid of the idea that buying expensive cookware is a good idea.

My suggestion? Go to Target or Walmart and head to the sporting goods section, you will find a cheap package of camping cookware that comes with a pot, pan, plates, bowls, and cups. Yes it is cheap metal, yes it's going to get dirty anyway, no you will not have to worry about keeping it nice.

Still not satisfied? Go to the nearest second hand used store, pick up all the weird 80's cookware you can find and throw it in a bag.

3. Cheap Sleeping bags. Even though those huge, thick, and incredibly warm down sleeping bags you drool over at REI are totally awesome, my guess is they are probably out of your price range and you're not sleeping at Everest base camp. We call dream right?

Resolution? Instead of reaching for the -40 below sleeping bag turn your gaze to the +20 degree bag. Unless you go camping in February like me, do you really need a minus degree sleeping bag?

Getting a cheap sleeping bag is probably going to be more about using common sense. Most likely a +20 degree bag will work great for you as long as 1. you keep yourself insulated from the ground (called a folded blanket) and 2. wrap the sleeping bag in another blanket. And guess what, you will probably save hundreds of dollars. Man, those down sleeping bags are sweet though aren't they?

Photo by cdamian

Photo by cdamian

There you have it. Looking for some cheap camping gear? Take my advice and go for a semi cheap camping tent, hit up Target for the cookware, and bring some blankets with that cheap sleeping bag. You will make it.

Do you have cheap camping gear? Have you been burned by cheap camping gear? Got any funny stories about cheap camping gear? Where do you get your cheap gear at?