Do You Check Your RV's Fire Extinguisher?

Our camper has a fire extinguisher and I have to admit I don't regularly check to see that it's in good working order. I have a tendency to be more concerned about whether or not it's gotten dusty than if it's working - not a good thing. Checking to make sure the fire extinguisher works and doesn't need replacing should be part of getting any camper or RV ready for the camping season each spring.

Tent campers should have a fire extinguisher with them too in case a campfire gets out of hand, a gas stove or grill ignites, etc. I've been lax at that too. When I go tent camping I don't carry a fire extinguisher with me. But that's in the past - I'm changing my ways for the better and am going to be more conscious about fire safety.

I've found a great lightweight (less than 2 pounds), easy to carry, and easy to stow fire extinguishing spray. It's made by First Alert and is called Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray. Click here to read more about it and to see a short video showing how fast it works..

I purchased mine at Sears but you can also get it at Meijer stores, some WalMarts and some K-Marts. You can also purchase it online at First Alert's website.

The fire extinguishing spray is now in my camping bin and will be going with me on all my camping trips whether it's tenting or taking our popup.