Creating Wine Cork Fire Starters

Nothing beats creating something that can be used again in a different way and this is very true when it comes to camping.  The more I can use the less I have to carry out, right?  Well, let me tell you a story.

I always take a bottle of wine with me on a camping trip.  Yes, this is a luxury and sometimes I question my choice.  I mean I can use the space for other things but you do need a little treat every once in a while.  I will be frank with you, I do rationalize this decision because the bottle itself can be reused in many different ways and in doing so it is not a burden to carry. said that let me continue with the story and how a simple bottle of wine saved the day.  Well, my husband and I had drunk a bottle of wine that I had been carrying for some time.  We were saving it for just that right moment.  The right moment came along the campfire one night.  The next morning, the skies were cloudy and after checking the weather on my phone I learned that the chance of rain had changed.  We were pretty much going to get wet but we wanted to make sure we could start a fire.   Let me qualify that statement though, we wanted to increase our chances of being able to have a fire.

Prior to leaving our campsite, I popped off the cork from the wine bottle.  I then reached into my first aid kit and pulled out the rubbing alcohol.  Once I have that, I went through my bag of trash I was carrying out and pulled out a plastic container with a lid.  While it was not perfectly clean, I really did not care and only cared about having a fire that night.  After I got my container and lid I placed my cork in the container and pour a little rubbing alcohol on top.  Once that was done, I placed the lid on it and put it in my pack.

After hiking on the trail all day, we stopped to set up camp.  The sound of thunder was rumbling in the background.  We set up camp, gathered tinder and wood, and began the process of starting a fire.  Once the tinder was ready, I pulled out my wine cork fire starter and placed it in the tinder.  The next step is to light the cork.  While this sounds simple and it is, keep in mind that rubbing alcohol is very flammable and it evaporates quickly.  In doing so, do not pull out your fire starter until you are ready to light it.   

Please note that this only works with natural cork not synthetic.