Creating a Simple SOS Kit

No one knows when an emergency is going to happen.  But as a familiar saying goes, those who plan to fail, fail to plan.  Creating a simple SOS kit is a great way of planning for the unexpected.  The supplies are light and are easily found around the home.  This kit fits snuggly in a backpack, camper and even in the car so you may consider creating more than one.

A SOS kit is one that contains several items that can be used to attract attention.  This is very important in any rescue situation.  The key to this type of kit is to have items that can draw attention.

There are several ways of drawing attention.  One is through sight, which includes bright colors and reflections.  Another way is through sound.  Both of these will be covered along with steps one should follow before going camping.

Bright colors are a great way of attracting attention.  Hunters know this fact when they wear bright orange, which can be considered a warning color.  When one is primitive camping, utilizing this bright color technique is a great one to use, especially during the hunting season, where hunters take the best equipment, including the top AR 15 red dot sights to have success, no matter how young or old you are, where you hunt, whom you hunt with or what kind of place serves as your deer camp, we all have at least one have thing in common: the magic of opening day. Even when you've seen more than 40 of them (and that's just in my home state), the wonder and possibilities make a person feel young again.  Bright colored clothes and hats can tell other campers/hunters where you are but how can you use this when you need help. Well as exciting as deer hunting can become, most hunters will agree that it can get really frustrating when you don’t have the right gear. With the best deer hunting binoculars, you can easily spot the deer whether you are hunting out in the open field or in the thick of the forest.  A bright orange tarp kept in your pack is one choice.  It can be used as a shelter while providing a focal point for a search.  Another choice is to use a pack that is orange on the inside.  When needed, the pack can be opened up to expose the bright color.

Whether you choose a simple trough style, gravity, automatic or a homemade feeder, take time to study the pros, cons, reviews and model comparisons to help you choose the best. Go through for the best deer feeder reviews. We recommend using the largest capacity model you can set up and maintain as your best option. The less interaction you have when refilling it, the more success you’ll have trying to attract deer.Durable and great value for its price. Additionally, It’s solid construction and weatherproof design make a sturdy model that will stand up to the elements, whether you’re in heat or cold or both. The ability to program your feed times and duration will help you adapt it to the numbers that visit, making this unit highly flexible. Add that to the easy setup and you’ve got a great model for deer feeding. Another visual aid that can be used is a mirror.  Allowing sunlight to hit the mirror and reflect back can be used as a signal for search groups.

If the sun is not out and/or you do not have any brightly colored material, do not panic.  Light colored rocks can be laid out in the letters of the SOS.  The key to using any of these approaches is to display the visual aid as high as you can get it, such as on a mountaintop.  Also, make sure the area is as clear as possible when it comes to tall trees.  These can obstruct the brightest color and the strongest flash of light.

The second way of signaling that you need help is through sound.  A good quality whistle is something that should be included in any pack.  Sound can give direction to the emergency.

Other items that you may consider adding to the kit include a fire starter kit and first aid kit.  The fire starter kit not only can be used to start a fire for warmth and comfort, it can also be used to create a signal fire.  Again, the best approach is to build your fire as high up and/or in the open.

 The first aid kit, while not used to signal for help, can provide aid for not only scrapes but also sprains.

All the above supplies can be placed in a sealable plastic bag that can be stored where needed until an emergency arrives.

While an SOS kit is very important, a key to surviving a primitive camping emergence is to let someone know where you are going to be camped, how long you plan to be out, and what you plan to do.  Providing this information can give searchers a baseline by which they can begin the search.