Create A Campfire Dutch Oven Gift Set

Although I now can turn out some pretty delicious dutch oven meals my first foray into the world of dutch oven cooking was a fiasco.

Instead of doing a little bit of reading on the topic and finding out what equipment and techniques were best (and easiest) for beginners, I thought I had all I needed with the box that contained my brand new pre-seasoned campfire dutch oven. I did think it was going to have an instruction book with some recipes inside, but since I didn't open it up until we were at the campground and ready to use it, I didn't know that the only thing inside the box was the dutch oven and a warranty card.

The beef roast, potatoes, onions and carrots all looked delicious when I put them inside the dutch oven, but were unrecognizable chunks of gray char after being cooked in a blazing hot campfire for an hour. The hot dogs we ate instead that night were a big letdown from the delicious roast beef dinner we thought we going to have.

But instead of giving up I got educated and learned that dutch oven cooking is easy when a person has the right equipment and little knowledge. Plus the food that comes out of the dutch ovens is fantastic.

If you know someone who camps and who hasn't tried dutch oven cooking, why not put together a "Dutch Oven Gift Set" that contains the essential equipment and a cookbook with Dutch Oven recipes?

Here's the basics needed:

- A footed cast iron Dutch Oven (non-enameled) that has been pre-seasoned. Any size is okay but a good starter size is one that is 10" or 12" inches in diameter. - Dutch Oven Carrying Case - Dutch Oven Lid Lifter - Dutch Oven Lid Stand - High Heat Gloves (welding ones are fine) - Chimney Starter for starting coals (coals are the best fuel for beginners) - Small whisk broom to brush ash off Dutch Oven lid - Dutch oven cookbook