Coleman Rechargeable Portable Blender

Picture this.

You’re out in the woods.


Just taking in mother nature.

Then suddenly you have an urge for a blended beverage (a daiquiri or margarita perhaps). But what do you do? You’re out in the woods without a blender.

Well, fear not fellow camper. Coleman has got you covered with their rechargeable portable blender.

This sucker can whip up a pitcher of tasty frozen tricks on 30 seconds flat, and even comes in a devilishly good looking red but you can also get it in black or painted silver if that suits you better.

coleman rechargeable portable blender redNow one of these blenders probably won’t be making an appearance in a “will it blend” video anytime soon, but unless you plan on blending up an axe handle, you’re not gonna need anything so fancy. And this blender is also a very economical $60 so it’s a purchase that isn’t going to break that bank.

Now I realize that some people will feel this a completely unnecessary item to bring with you while camping, but c’mon, sometimes you just gotta have a little fun while camping.