Coil 'n Wrap RV Products

I'm always looking for products that make Rv'ing and camping easier and more fun and I'm kind-of a YouTube junkie. Today, while looking around YouTube I found this video from Living in Style. It showcases two of Coil 'n Wrap's products: Xtreme Vents and a one-piece hose and faucet connector.

While I don't own an RV (I have a popup camper and sometimes tent camp), the Xtreme vents look like they could solve a "stinky" problem. If you've tried them, please post in the comments section and let us know what you think of them and whether or not you recommend them.

The other product in the video, the one piece hose and faucet connector, does look handy for camping but I'm thinking about purchasing it for use at my house. Now, if my plants would only water themselves........