Class C MotorHomes

A Class C motorhome is the like the middle child in a family. It’s smaller than a Class A motorhome but bigger than a Class B motorhome. It’s priced less than a Class A motorhome, but its entry level prices are higher than those of the Class B motorhome. But the high end prices of the Class B and Class C motorhomes can be nearly identical.

The distinguishing feature of a Class C motorhome is the sleeping bunk that’s over the cab of the vehicle. That’s how you can easily pick out a Class C motorhome, although there’s at least one model of Class B motorhome that now offers a modified bunk over the cab of vehicle although it’s not as big or as pronounced as those on the Class C motorhomes.

Although that sleeping bunk area in a Class C motorhome is typically used for sleeping, not everyone wants to have a bunk bed in their motorhome that they have to climb up in to. In response to this, some manufacturers have made it optional to turn this area into an entertainment system area or storage area.


Class C Motorhomes have decent towing capacity. Some of the larger ones have the capability of towing a small vehicle which can be nice to have for short side trips to that antique shop you saw on the way to the campground or to go fishing at that lake a few miles down the road.

Frame and Engine

The frame is generally a van frame. The engine can be gas or diesel.

Sleeping capacity

Because of the over the cab bunk that’s the signature of a Class C motorhome, they can typically sleep six to eight people comfortably which makes this type of motorhome most popular with families.


It’s not quite as easy to maneuver as a Class B motorhome because it’s too large to fit into a regular parking spot, but it’s not as cumbersome to maneuver through heavy traffic and on narrow winding roads as a Class A motorhome.

Family Friendly Travel

Although I’m not familiar with all the laws governing seat belt usage while riding in a Class C motorhome, a family friend says the best part about traveling with her children in one is that they no longer have to make frequent bathroom stops since the bathroom is right inside their camper. There’s also easy access to snacks, a TV for watching movies when the road trip is getting long, and comfortable areas to nap. She says it’s a great way for families to travel and camp.

What Are Some of the Amenities You Can Find?

Almost any amenity available on a Class A motorhome is available on a Class C motorhome. Here’s some of the amenities people request most along with some that people may not expect to be able to get on a Class C motorhome:

There are several major manufacturers of Class C motorhomes. Some of those manufacturers include: Gulfstream, Jayco, Forest River, Winnebago, Four Winds, General Coach, Glendale RV, Lazy Daze Motorhome, Safari Motor Coaches, and Triple E RV’s.

When deciding on what type of RV is right for you, first think about your needs and your budget. If you have a family, a Class C motorhome is probably your best choice unless you have a large enough budget to be able to invest in a Class A Motorhome. If you are a couple nearing retirement or are retired and want to start doing extensive travel, a Class A or Class B motorhome is probably the best choice for you. Whatever choice you make, remember to get out there and enjoy yourself. There’s tons of stuff to see and do.