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Motorhome Racing

Monday, December 29th, 2008

You’re problem assuming that I forgot to stick an “and” in between the title of today’s post, “motorhome racing.” However, I did no such thing.

While motorhomes and racing have long been associated with each other with most if not all Nascar superstars owning at least one luxury RV, that’s not what I’m talking about today.

I’m talking actually racing your motohome. Yep, it’s as crazy as it sounds and can only be described as part racing, part demolition derby.

Check out the video and all the carnage:

Best Weather Radios – Essential Camping Gear

Friday, December 19th, 2008

If the weather outside is frightful, then you’ll find it delightful to have a weather radio with you.

Remember, when you’re camping you usually aren’t sitting in front of a TV so you may not know if severe weather is imminent (or if it is, how severe) or if the clouds are merely bluffing.

That’s why I highly recommend you add a weather radio to your list of essential camping gear. Several GPS devices and handheld radios now include weather radio so you don’t have to get a dedicated unit for the task.

If you get yourself a dedicated pocket weather radio, you’ll be able to keep track of temperature and wind changes throughout the day.

Remember that severe weather can sneak up on the best of us and to remind us of that we only need look at the tragic death of four boyscouts in June of 2008 when a tornado hit their camp.

You can get a weather radio for less than $50, but I’ve picked out a bunch of cool ones below so feel free to browse and decide which one is best for you, but just remember to get one and if the camper in your family doesn’t have one yet, then put this at the top of your list.

Cook Deep Fried Food Outside Where The Grease Won’t Mess Up Your Kitchen With A Coleman Portable Frywell Fryer

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Deep fried food….yum! Whoever first thought of it was a genius because there are a lot of foods that are so tasty when they’ve been given a dunk in a vat of hot oil and cooked to crispy goodness. I could go for a crunchy piece of deep fried chicken (or fish or fries or onion rings) right now! But you can keep the deep fried Snickers bars, Oreo cookies, and Twinkies. Those are some of the things that, in my opinion, should be kept far away from a vat of hot oil. coleman frywell fryer picture

But, no matter what you’re cooking in a deep fryer we all know how messy it can be when done inside so why not give the camper or RVer on your list a portable deep fryer they can use outside.

Coleman makes a portable table top fryer that uses a propane cylinder to heat it rather than a cord that needs an electrical outlet. It’s cord free and completely portable! It has a 6 quart capacity, can cook at temperatures up to 450 degrees F, has built in carrying handles so it can be moved easily, has a striking high-gloss red metallic steel exterior that resists weather and corrosion, and if you purchase it from, it comes with a 2 year warranty.

coleman frywell fryer case picture

There’s also a carrying case available to keep the fryer dust free and protected from scratches while not in use that also has 2 handy pouches for storing propane cylinders that is a great companion gift.