Catchu Camera Frisbee

When packing entertainment for your camping trip, what do you normally take? Beer? Cards? Horseshoes? A Frisbee?

I think that a frisbee is one of those fun and super cheap toys you can bring along for entertainment and it doesn't even require beer to make it fun. (although there's certainly no rule that says you can't have a beer when playing frisbee.)

Anyway, perhaps you've been thinking that your frisbee just isn't cool enough or if your a gadget geek like I am, perhaps you just feel like there isn't enough technology packed into a frisbee.

Well, my friend, your calls for a more geeked up frisbee have been answered.

The Catchu Camera Frisbee comes with a camera equipped so you can take so you can "ride along" with the frisbee. You can actually get some pretty cool footage with the thing.

It was designed by Adam Stucliffe and its been designed to record 20 minutes of video. It isn't available for purchase yet - it's still in the prototype stage, but you can learn more about the Catchu here.

Rather than me trying to explain this nifty little gizmo anymore - here is a video of the frisbee in action (it takes about 30 seconds for them to go to the on board camera view):