Camping with Kids

So, you want to head into the great outdoors this weekend? You want to have an adventure and get some fresh air, spend some time in your tent and burn a few marshmallows while you are at it. But there is one small problem.

You have kids. Kids are awesome and so is camping, but how do you combine these two potentially explosive things. Being far from home, fire, a tent, a kid that's quicker then your eyes. Isn't it sort of setting yourself up for some major "excitement?"

Camping with your kids doesn't have to be stress inducing race to keep them out of the water away from the fire. You just need a little careful planning ahead of the game to keep your head in the game and have a great camping weekend filled with fun and kids!

What are some of the things we can do as parents to have the most exciting and fun camping trip possible with our children in tow, and come out alive?

1. Pick the right campsite.

When it comes to bringing the rug rats along on your camping trip, you know you are in for a good time. But to set ourselves up for success it's going to all start with picking the proper camping site to use. Not all campsites and locations are created equal.

First, you should probably pick a campsite that is not next to any large bodies of water, cliffs, or any other type of potential danger. Just for the sake of your peace of mind, someone wandering off into the woods may be better then into a lake or some other deadly landform.

Also, it's a good idea to pick a campsite that has plenty of space between you and your camping neighbor that weekend. Not everyone loves our kids as much as us, and to avoid any uncomfortable situations, it's' best to choose a site that gives us a little space for the kids to run.

Last but not least make sure you pick a campsite that is close to the bathrooms. Do I really have to say it? Just save yourself the hassle of nighttime expeditions with flashlights and the kids in tow over to the restrooms. It will make your life easier if you are only a few spots away.

2. Come Prepared for battle.

You know as well as I there are going to be many "opportunities" on a camping trip with kids. There is the falling in the water part, into the mud, into the fire, or basically anything else that you don't want to happen.

Having lots of clothes and cleanup supplies to deal with the messes that are going to happen will make your camping trip go just a little bit smoother, smooth enough to do it again next month.

Also, make sure to pack food that will be consumed by your ravaging clan of kids. Hungry kids are grumpy kids and you want everyone to sleep through the night. Make sure you have food prepared that your kids like and will eat.