Camping Uses for Plastic Bags

When it comes to the principle of “Leave No Trace,” I am always; it seems, carrying out my trash and putting it in the skip bin hire, I learned a long time ago, if you are given lemons, make lemonade and this situation is no different.  If I am going to carry out found trash then I am going to find a way to use it. 

Below are a few ideas for using those plastic bags that you may find blowing in the breeze and rolling along the ground.


Water Collection System

What do you do when you cannot find fresh water but you have found a plastic bag?  Well, the answer is simple and that is you can gather fresh water with the bag.  Yes, I said the bag.  How do you do that?  Well, it is easy and the best part is the fact that you do not have to purify the water.  Mother Nature has already done that for you.

The beginning of this process starts at night.   You find some low hanging leaves on branches that you can reach.  Once you have done that, open a plastic bag and cover the leaves with the bag and tie off.  Leave on overnight.  Transpiration will occur and moisture will collect on the inside of the plastic bag.  In the morning, the sun will hit the bag and cause the moisture to collect in the bottom of the bag.  Now, you have fresh, drinkable water. 

Boot Liner

Yes, I own waterproof boots but frankly there are sometimes that I need some help keeping my feet dry.  A found plastic bag can be a salvation when to this task.  It is simple to do and only requires you to take your feet out of the boots and wrap them each in a plastic bag.  Put your feet back in your boots and now you have dry feet. 

Food Basket

Ok, I know this is a simple one but believe it or not a plastic bag can be a very valuable tool.  It can be used as a “basket” for food gathering.  It can also be used to hold tinder and kindling while you are walking back to camp.  Finally, it can also be used to carry water to your fire to put it out. 

Every since humans went out into the world, we have left ‘”trash” behind.  As responsible campers and fellow organisms, we need to pick up and carry out what we find and take but never just look at “trash” as a waste.  Sometimes those found objects can be just what you need to save your life. For more tips on how to recycle 'trash' into something useful visit the Coastal Waste Management recycling services website.