Camping Tips: How to Lighten the Load when it comes to Personal Care Gear for Camping

Believe it or not, camping requires a lot of stuff.  Cooking gear, tents, clothes and food are just a few of the things that one will need to take with them.  But how do you pack everything, including the kitchen sink, in a light and compact way?  Well, the hints below will help you meet your camping needs in a neat and organized fashion without having to get another bag or leave some supplies behind.

The trick to this approach is two-fold.  One make the necessities of life as small as possible and two, pack items that serve more than one purpose.  Below are hints that will address both these approaches.

Personal Care

Everyone loves to have a clean body, fresh breath, and required medication without having to pack the medicine cabinet.  But how do you this?  One approach is to use travel samples but even those can take up too much space.  The second approach is to create your own compact travel size supplies that do not cost extra and use what you have.  Below are just a few ideas of how to use this second approach.

  1. A clean body is something that can be achieved without carrying bottles of body wash or soggy bars of soap.  The first thing that needs to be done is to create a soapy washcloth, which is one that has a built in bar of soap inside.  To create this, simply create a pocket in a washcloth you have or make a drawstring pouch out of a washcloth.  After that is done, simply place a bar of soap in the washcloth.  To use, get the cloth wet and use as usual.  When using this approach, make sure to hang up your soapy washcloth to dry before packing away.
  2. A dry body is just as important as a clean one but drying off can leave a damp towel that is hard to dry.  In this case, do not pack a traditional bath towel; instead consider packing a super absorbent towel that has a wicking nature to it.  Many of these towels can be wrung out and air dry very quickly, which makes packing easier since these towels are not bulky. 
  3. Nothing makes a morning then to have a clean mouth.  But who likes to pack that tube of toothpaste that always ends up in the bottom of a backpack or tube squished.  Well, no more.  Create your own travel toothpaste in one of two ways.  One approach is to create toothpaste straws that contain just enough toothpaste for one brushing.  To do this, cut a straw into four equal pieces.  Once that is done, take a lighter and seal off one end of each straw piece.  Then, fill each straw piece with toothpaste and seal off with a lighter.  After they have cooled, place in a small plastic bag along with your toothbrush.  To use, snip off one end, squeeze, and brush.  The second approach consists of rolling out some wax paper, making dots of toothpaste on that paper and letting the dots dry until hard.  Once dry, peel off the wax paper and place into a plastic bag.  To use, place one dot in your mouth and chew on it until soft.  Then use your toothbrush to brush your teeth (find care tips from Midtown Manhattan dentist).
  4. Having you meds is another important factor when it comes camping.  One approach is to pack all the bottles but if you do not need your medicine in the original bottles consider using a medicine organizer.   There are several different styles to choose from but most have the days of the week labeled.  Utilizing this approach can help you lighten the load while making sure you do not loose or forget to take something.

So before you next camping trip, consider giving these hints a try.  They will lighten your load, help you stay organized, keep you clean, and make your experience more enjoyable.