Camping Stories - The Disappearing Bread

Everybody who camps or rv's has at least one story to tell about something silly, crazy, or funny, that happened (even if they didn't think it was funny at the time.)

For me, one of the things I can remember vividly is the day my loaf of bread disappeared. We were camping with family over the Memorial Day weekend 3 years ago and decide to make pudgie pies for lunch. I dug out my pudgie pie makers and my loaf of bread, and then decided I needed to take a quick trip to the bathroom before continuing with lunch preparations.

I was gone less than 5 five minutes. When I got back I couldn't find my bread. I thought I had gotten it out, but it wasn't sitting on the table in the screen room attached to our pop-up camper and that was where I could have sworn I left it.

I proceeded to look in the camper in case I had only dreamed I had gotten it out. I didn't find it. Then I walked down to my brother and sister-in-law's campsite to see if anyone had come to my camper and gotten the bread. They hadn't. The only other bread we had between us was about a half loaf (and that wasn't going to feed 7 hungry people) so soon everybody was on a hunt for it.

Suddenly, my five year old niece called out "There it is!" She was pointing down a grassy hill, about 25 feet from our camper. Yep. That's where our bread was - what was left of it. Running away from the bread, was a big fat raccoon who apparently didn't get scared off until my niece yelled "There it is."

In the few minutes I was gone from our campsite, that raccoon came to our campsite, squeezed under the screen room walls, reached up onto the table, took the loaf of bread, ran into the field with it, and ate most of it. Talk about a fast masked bandit!

Yes, we had to take a trip to the store before we could have lunch that day. And no, I no longer leave any food out unattended - not even for a minute.