Camping In Close Quarters

Camping can always be a great getaway for you to enjoy with your friends and/or family. Sometimes, though, you may find that you need a little alone time after being cooped up with them in your RV or travel trailer. You never want to end up frustrated or annoyed with a friend or family member on your vacation. Therefore, we have listed below a few tips on how to keep spirits high and vacation time fun.

First of all, it is always a good idea to be considerate of others around you. The best way to go about this is, if you are enjoying your favorite music or tv show, try using headphones to keep, what the others may consider just noise, to yourself.


Also, if it is beginning to feel a little cramped in the RV, you can choose to do some of your activites separate. Some campers may like fishing or swimming more than others, while others may like biking or walking better. Therefore, things like this can be done separately, if needed. Keep in mind, as well, doing activities that you enjoy can be a great stress reliever.

Another great idea, would be for you and your camping partners to take naps at different times of the day, if you are nappers. Napping is a good way to relieve your stress as well. Going to bed at different times helps with having quiet time, also. That way, some would have alone time at night while the others are sleeping and the others would have alone time in the morning while the late nighters are still asleep.

Having good communication skills is a must when it comes to living in close quarters, even if it is only for a short period of time. If you recognize another fellow campers' frustration, you should by all means respect that and give them their space, if they need it. Also, you should choose to talk things out rationally, without arguing. If you can not seem to agree, maybe, for now, agree to disagree and finish talking about it when you get home. Remember, you want your vacation to be as stress free as possible.

Also, a helpful idea would be to designate your own private space in your tent, RV or travel trailer for your personal belongings and for you to go to when you need a breather. No matter how big or small the area, any space you can find should do. Be sure to be considerate of other campers' private spaces, as well.

Try not to constantly be together at all times. Of course, unless, you and your fellow campers want it this way. Sure taking a vacation is all about spending time with your friends and/or family, but even on vacation everybody needs their space every once in a while.