Camping Hacks: Life Hacks for Going to the Bathroom Outdoors

While our ancestors went to the bathroom out in the woods, today this concept seems very foreign.  But the basic process by which to go outside is simple and begins with digging a “cat hole.”  This “cat hole” needs to be at least six inches deep.  If you are using toilet paper either burn it after you are done or carry it out with you.  Do not place it in the hole.  While this may seem really silly, believe it or not human waste is considered trash and hazardous.  Once you have finished your business, fill in the hole.  If doing your business outside is not your thing or you need some additional tips to going outside, check out these life hacks for going to the bathroom outside.

One very important outdoor bathroom camping hack is what to do if you got to go without toilet paper.  As an experienced camper, I can safely tell you that if you do not look where you squat you will wish you had sometime in your camping life.  This is also true when your reach for Mother Nature’s toilet paper without really looking at the leaf.  To reduce the chances of picking the wrong leaf and applying poison ivy to your hinny, consider using this life hack.  When you want to wipe, layer your leaves so that you have one layer of green and one layer of brown.  Repeat this layering making sure to end up with a brown layer.  Not only will this layering keep your hands clean but it will keep the chances of directly wiping with poison ivy leaves to a minimum.  Following this layering technique will also keep the bugs off your butt.


Another life hack has to do with the toilet paper. Everyone has hiked out into the woods away from the campsite and dug their hole.  As you squat to do your business, you wonder what to do with the toilet paper.  While you may be able to hold it, very few people can hold their clothes out of the way while holding onto the toilet paper.  The other issue is if you sit it down on the ground, you are running the risk of either getting dirt on the paper and/or insects.  But did you know there is a simple solution?  The solution is to place your toilet paper in a large, empty coffee can.  Make sure to make a slit in the side so that you can run the end of your toilet paper through it.  Following this camping hack will keep you and your toilet paper clean.

Lastly, what if you do not want to hike into the woods?  Well, you can create a simple at camp toilet with just a bucket but….to make it more comfortable consider adding a seat.  How do you do that?  Take a tube shaped floater and cut it in half.  Make a slit all the way down one side and slip over the rim of your bucket.  Now you have a comfy seat, clean toilet paper, and no poison ivy on your hinny all with these simple but useful camping hacks.