Camping For Family Fun

Kids love to camp. Its almost a given that there is virtually nothing about camping that the kids don’t love to do, except perhaps the work of putting it together and cleaning up after. Think about it. They get the adventure of being away from home. They get to live out of doors like animals. They get to get dirty and not get in trouble. They get to play with a fire and it’s ok. They often see animals like deer and raccoon outside of a zoo situation. And camping usually happens in parks where there are playgrounds, trees to climb and lots room to run where nobody will make them be quiet. What’s not to love?

Small wonder that camping has become one of the best family vacations and one that is enjoyed by tens of thousands of families every year. For mom and dad, the advantages of a camping vacation are many and the disadvantages few. Yes, it can be a bit messy and keeping everybody sanitary, safe and organized on a many day camp out can be a challenge. In addition, without the conveniences of the house, simple chores like cooking a meal, washing dishes, doing laundry and taking care of toiletry needs can become an adventure as well. But as much as those things add challenge to daily life in a campsite, it also adds to the fun.

These inconveniences are offset by so many great advantages that a family camp out can give to your vacation plans including…

Any vacation presents challenges to mom and dad to keep the family safe and to assure that the experience will be one that is rewarding for all ages in the family. Campsite safety is always a concern and it is a part of camping that the elders should put some thought into. The best way to learn what precautions to take is to start out with your first family camp out by going somewhere nearby and camping for one night just to get a feel for things. This “exploration camp out” will still be great fun but it will also be a dry run for bigger and better camp outs to come. As you work through each campsite ritual from camp set up, to meals to bedtime needs to cleanliness requirements, you can build your camp out list that can serve you from camp out to camp out. Then as your experience builds, so will the length of your camp outs and how far away from home you venture. 

Many of the logistics of family camping do require a greater degree of preparation and planning. If you are going far from home, you will need to know precisely what you need to take and how to accomodate your vehicle to get all of gear there and back and again with relatively little fuss. There is nothing like experience to make that planning process work well because while you don’t want to get to camp without something important, you also want to pack light so you don’t get overwhelmed with the “stuff” of camping.

It is a good idea to ease into camping as well before you make the investment in your long-term family camping gear. While tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear are reasonable investments and tools that will last for many years of camping, you really won’t know what are the ideal sorts of camp gear until you have actually camped a few times. Camping with experienced campers and borrowing their gear or camping with an organization like the Boy Scouts can go a long way to teach you what are the right kinds of camp out supplies and tools and which ones are not going to be worth dragging along.

The process of learning to become great campers is also something everybody in the family can enjoy. Before long, you will find yourself pulling into the campsite to see everybody in the family fan out to perform their assigned duty to set camp and get organized quickly so the family camp out fun can get underway. The family unity and fun of family camp outs will build memories that will last a lifetime and will build confidence and skills that your kids will pass on to their kids and on down through the generations as you make family camping a long lasting camping tradition.